Indoor Cycling Master Trainer & Boutique Fitness Consultant

Who is?

Hi! I'm Noël.

I consult studio founders, building their unique brand identities and customer journeys, all over the world.

As a business consultant, I draw from my extensive experiences of what is possible in this brave new world of Boutique Fitness Studios. I work with new Founders, gathering ideas & information for business plans. Established studios have hired me to refine their customer journey, lead various instructor workshops & "mystery shop" to help them go to their next level as a business.

I'm a master trainer & educator. I create signature classes for studios.

I train future indoor cycling instructors to be their most authentic, energetic, musical selves. I tap into my NYC teaching experience, from consumer to teacher training at one of the major boutique brands, then as an instructor in one of the most high-pressure cities in the world.

I put my international resume to work for you.